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Linistry is a customizable SaaS digital queue management and appointment booking solution designed for enterprises.

We craft smooth customer and employee experiences that will become a captivating part of your brand’s story.
Home - Linistry - Tailored Digital Queue Management for Enterprises

Learn about the benefits our solution brings to your business

Boost your sales and efficiency

  • Optimise channel use by directing customers to be served through the service channels of your preference.
  • Maximise sales by building targeted cross-sell and up-sell recommendations in the customer service process.
  • Win employee (user) support by providing them with a user-friendly tool that integrates seamlessly with existing processes and systems.
  • Gather customer insights via surveys for better decision-making.
  • Optimise operational efficiency through a built-in employee feedback tool.
  • Enhance customer engagement and loyalty via a seamless queuing and booking experience.

Let us serve your needs with our expertise

  • We provide end-to-end service, including business and technical consulting as part of our onboarding process.
  • Linistry’s experience in multiple industries brings a wealth of market insight to the table and has allowed the product to have huge configuration flexibility.
  • Reduced deployment time – potentially as brief as 2 months for a 500 branch networkenabling your business to swiftly proceed.

Make informed decisions using data

With 25+ built-in drillable reports, easily customizable raw data exports, visual dashboards and live data you will

  • better understand what’s happening across your branch network.
  • avoid potential customer service issues.
  • staff branches more efficiently.
  • spot bottlenecks in real-time.
  • spend less time making reports.

Go green with us for a sustainable tomorrow

  • By using our service running on Microsoft Cloud servers you contribute to significant carbon emission reduction.
  • By replacing physical paper tickets or queues with digital systems: it minimises the need for paper usage, thus reducing paper waste and the associated environmental impact.
  • By our remote management services: fewer trips by the support staff mean reduced carbon emissions from vehicles or transport used to reach the site.

Queue Management Systems (QMS) are much more than you think

They’re at the forefront of customer journeys.

Queue Management Systems provide a unique opportunity for guiding customers towards the appropriate service channel, be it personal or digital.

At Linistry, we know that every business is different.
That’s why we fuse ready-made SaaS with tailored development for a trustworthy, adaptable service.
Home - Linistry - Tailored Digital Queue Management for Enterprises
Home - Linistry - Tailored Digital Queue Management for Enterprises

Juggling multiple outdated QMS systems? Uncover the advantages of a unified platform with us.

Share your ideal journey, integration hurdles, system needs or simply your questions and we’ll bring our many years of know-how to craft a fitting solution together.
Once in place, you will savour the perks of SaaS: no servers, minimal support, and seamless, profitable interactions.

Explore what our business solutions can offer in your sector

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Solution for Banks, Telcos, Utilities and Other customer services

Enhance customer experiences with Linistry, your tailored digital queue management solution driving modernization across industries like banking, telecommunications, utilities and other customer service points.

Solutions for Retail Commerce

We offer tools to connect brick-and-mortar store sales staff with customers and internally staff among themselves. Improving shop-floor communication leads to increased sales, more content staff and more efficient use of precious human resources. Let's delve into our solutions and create a dynamic work environment together that fosters your overall success.

Guide your business through challenges with our expertise!

General challenges

Your company uses a hybrid or fragmented queue management or appointment booking system that doesn’t operate efficiently.

Your QMS consumes a significant amount of your internal resources, making it challenging and expensive to keep the system up-to-date.

Your current vendor is unresponsive when it comes to implementing new features or modifications.

You are forced to manually update master data, such as your products & services, staff competencies, branches or operating hours.

Your QMS is seen as a cost without generating additional revenue or supporting sales and marketing efforts.

Customers physically visit your branches for services that could be better handled through your online channels.

  • You lack evidence-based information to determine if any of your branches are overstaffed or understaffed.
  • You can’t measure the productivity of your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).
  • You are not able to identify bottlenecks or issues related to service quality quickly.
  • Detecting business trends based on branch visits and services is limited.

You are considering replacing your existing QMS, but are concerned about the complexity and duration of such a project.

You are committed to environmental sustainability, but still rely on printing paper tickets for your customers.

You want to eliminate all aspects of an on-premise QMS management and switch to a SaaS solution instead. You may want to keep only personal data on-premise to comply with legal requirements.

Customer experience challenges
  • You are unsure how frequently your Customer Service Representatives start serving customers later than expected.
  • You don’t know how long it takes for Customer Service Representatives to complete the service.
  • You struggle to gather relevant customer or employee feedback.
Appointment booking related challenges

Your QMS does not integrate with your Customer Service Representatives’ calendars, CRM, Active Directory and other core systems. Integration could bring benefits in customer service and daily operation.

On your webpage, you do not provide customers with a map-based search feature to locate their nearest branch location, so it is easy to get lost in the booking process.

It is not possible to trace and measure how efficient marketing campaigns are in generating customer interest: specifically, how many appointment bookings they generate and how many of such bookings end in actual sales.

You can’t customise the steps of the booking process freely.

You find it challenging to prepare for customer meetings because the purpose of the visit is unknown, or some visits end prematurely when customers arrive at your branches without the necessary documentation.

You are registering appointment bookings through your call centre, but lack an efficient tool to easily record customer appointment requests.

Your customers are sometimes late for their appointments.

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Home - Linistry - Tailored Digital Queue Management for Enterprises

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