Unlocking Efficiency: The Power of Appointment Booking Solutions

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Imagine that at some point one of your business partners asks for a meeting.
“When?” – you rightly ask. 


Maybe tomorrow at noon.  

Maybe Tuesday afternoon next week.  

Maybe in 15 minutes.  

How absurd it would be if you had to check the conference room from time to time in case your partner dropped in unexpectedly. Not a realistic situation at all. We come and go at agreed times because it is convenient and efficient.  

It’s not just business that has recognized the benefits of booking appointments, but slowly every sector – and every client.  

Sitting in your bank branch, waiting in your showroom, browsing your real estate office (substitute your own organization) – it’s only a matter of time before they glance at their smartphone and ask the question: 

 “Why didn’t I make an appointment?”  

We’re already using our phones to edit video, listen to podcasts, do all the event planning, exchange currency, video call. Maybe that’s what your customer is thinking: “I can do all these things that are more complicated than booking an appointment, but I can’t book an appointment with you?” 

Meanwhile, in the branch, they are thinking, “It’s in our interest to get as many people as possible to make an appointment, because we can allocate branch staff better and can prepare more to serve customers.”  

A potential customer who books an appointment can be expected to show up (improving the “turn up” rate), usually with a significant increase in conversions.  

We know from a case study:  

the US tax advisory firm Jackson Hewitt was able to increase the number of bookings by 41% (and triple the conversion rate!) with a client-friendly appointment booking solution. Initially they considered a proprietary solution, then realized how much faster, easier and more cost-effective it was to tailor an off-the-shelf system to their own company. (Our clients see it similarly.)  

And the (even multiple) increase in conversion may not even be the biggest benefit of such an improvement.  

If you’re lucky, you’ll be working in an industry where booking appointments is “not the norm”. This could mean you’re sitting on a huge business opportunity. Once you have made up your mind and decided to implement a booking solution, Linistry’s appointment booking is an easy choice with surprisingly fast deployment times.   

Why don’t you experience it firsthand?

We would be happy to show you a demo of the system.

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