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Why MS Outlook is not going to work

Have you ever waited outside your HR department, IT department or any other service unit at your workplace? Employees often visit these departments on an ad hoc basis, causing some turbulence in the service. To make matters worse, HR, IT or fleet services often have their own internal to-dos, leaving varying degrees of capacity for employee-initiated issues.

In this chaotic situation, Linistry’s Queuing and Booking Solution will bring order. You can easily set up a department’s opening hours, capacity, types of service, length of service and publish links to booking and virtual queuing internally within the organisation. Virtual queuing means you can see how many of your colleagues are ahead of you, and you only need to go to the department of your choice when they are ready to see you. Benefits include: employees spend less time waiting for service, service departments can optimise their efficiency. Service reports can be generated at a later date to show how much capacity the organisation is “spending” on internal service.

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