MOL Campus – digitalization in the workplace 

MOL Campus from an employee’s point of view: digitalization in the workplace 


The 120-meter-high, 28-storey office building is the workplace of a total of 2500 MOL employees. The 86,000 square meter MOL Campus is truly huge. However, such space was needed, as employees were moved from nine different offices to the new headquarters to help employees work and cooperate even more efficiently. For the harmonious operation of such a large complex, it is essential that the administrative facilities reserved for colleagues run smoothly. The system of Linistry helps to automate this. 

There is a Service Area on the Campus. Here employees can use a wide range of services, for example, they can contact IT or HR colleagues. Besides these usual office options are telecom subscription management, fleet management, and even clothes/bags/shoes repair and cleaning services. The Linistry service integrates into the Campus App and helps employees avoid queuing. On this interface, employees can not only join a queue, but also keep track of when it is their turn. This way, instead of waiting, they can spend their time usefully, and it is enough to arrive to the Service Area, at the moment of their turn. 

What were the challenges of digitizing and automating such a large office and such a wide range of services? 

The challenge was to ensure that the 2500 employees working in the building could easily access all these services.  

Gergely Takács (MOL, Product Head) said: “We operate more than 60 different services in-house, 28 of which are digital, so the task is really diverse. We were looking for a partner who could make it possible for employees to book appointments for all services conveniently through a mobile application.” 

Of course, booking an appointment alone is not enough for an office of this size, Linistry’s digital system also offers virtual queueing and informs employees when their turn is expected. Thus, potentially protracted administrations do not lead to queues either. 

But why did you choose Linistry? “Linistry has already proven itself and successfully operates similar booking services in the banking sector,” said Gergely Takács. 

What is the operational experience? 

As with any unique digital solution, the integration of MOL Campus services required a lot of attention to get started. That is why the Linistry team paid special attention to the implementation, which Gergely Takács also highlighted: “In the first two weeks we practically received 0-24 support. The result was a system that was completely tailored to our needs, and Linistry was very patient and flexible with all our ideas. When implementing such a unique system, there will always be unexpected challenges, services that need to be optimized. But it is equally typical that after the intensive care period, the amount of tasks is significantly reduced: “… We are continuously handing over these services for operation, so we are withdrawing from day-to-day operations, Gergely Takács highlighted.  

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