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MOL Campus SkyDeck: tickets and appointments without queuing 


From the MOL Campus Visitor Center, a panoramic elevator leads up to the SkyDeck observation point at a height of 120 meters, from where you can view the panorama of Budapest from a stunning bird’s eye view. During the design of the 29-storey tower, energy-saving, sustainable and modern solutions played a key role, including Linistry’s automated booking and ticketing system. But what are the experiences like after the launch? 

Tickets for visiting the terrace can only be purchased online. Guests can choose from available dates via the MOL Campus website in a calendar view. This can be done before arrival, but thanks to its fast and convenient operation, even on site. After purchase, a QR code will be sent to you by e-mail, which you can show at the QR code reader gate to enter Skydeck. 

What challenges did Linistry’s automation have to address in this modern environment? 

The primary and most important aspect was compliance with safety regulations, more precisely, compliance with fire safety regulations.  

As Gergely Takács (MOL, Product Head) put it: “We needed a system that does not allow more than 100 people to enter at a time, and knows exactly how many people are in the visitor center, and how many people will arrive. This guarantees evacuation within the alloted time.”  

It was also important that the system minimizes the resources spent on operation and operates as automatically as possible. To this end, after the opening, MOL and the Linistry team jointly optimized the appointment booking and ticketing system. 

Gabriella Horváth Orbán (MOL, Project Coordinator) told us about this post-launch period: “At the beginning, of course, the need for resources was higher, because the observation deck of the MOL Campus was a novelty among the sights of Budapest. That is why relatively many people wanted to visit us in the early days. Based on the experience of the start, the interface continued to improve and the workload decreased.” Gabriella also said that when it comes to emerging problems, the Linistry team has always provided quick and solution-focused answers: “They react very quickly and always look for a solution in their response.

What is the user experience like in practice, i.e. during daily operation?

Thanks to the QR code entry, SkyDeck visitors can use the ticketing system without staff intervention.

As to how well this works in practice, Gergely Takács adds: “We have had more than 15,000 transactions since the start; That’s a huge number, especially considering that thanks to the ticketing system, they happened without human intervention.” 

In practice, therefore, Linistry’s ticketing and booking system has proven itself on both the visitor and operator side.  

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